Tuesday, 2 April 2013

12-13 ITG Heroes And Prospects

I  recently started collecting hockey cards a few weeks ago after a long hiatus and immediately went to a tried and true classic Upper Deck. With Upper Deck you are getting a consistent, quality product with beautiful photography and the joy of chasing Young Guns. Upper Deck has always been my go to and favorite company.

Today at the shop I thought I would switch it up a bit and grab a few packs of 12-13 ITG Heroes and Prospects. I am  vaguely familiar with ITG as a hobby spectator and blog lurker for the past year. And have always  been curious as to what they were all about.  I figured that my love for Junior hockey and a set called Heroes and Prospects were a perfect match. I grabbed nine packs here are my hits (not my photos as I am in the process of moving)

Really happy I cracked a McDavid pre-rookie rookie card. I can`t wait to follow his growth and see where he ends up. I think I may try to track down the autograph version of this card. 

The sticker autos look good and are placed perfectly. Not too familiar with Adam but an auto none the less! 

Not a huge fan of these `Class of 2013`halographic inserts, they kind of remind me of those old McDonalds sets.

All in all I really like this set, the photography is great, the lay out is simple and there are plenty of chase-able cards. This is a set I look forward to completing and cracking more of. 

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