Sunday, 7 April 2013

The One That Got Away - Bobby Orr Edition

Yesterday I went to a local card show with about 20 vendors. I had no real agent there, it was my first card show in over 10 years and I was there mostly to spectate and grab anything that jumped out at me.

The third table I walked by had a sticker auto of one of my goal players Number 4 - Bobby Orr. Not only was it a Bobby Orr auto but it was Bobby Orr in an Oshawa Generals jersey. I don't know what I was thinking, I walked away from that card adding it to my mental checklist to go back and get it if I didn't find anything else. I continued through the show obsessing about the signed Bobby Orr. As soon as I finished walking the show floor I rushed back to table 3 and it was gone.

For the past 24 hours I have been kicking my own ass for not buying that card. I should have picked it up as soon as I saw it. Not only was it an auto of an Oshawa Generals alumni but it was an auto of Bobby Orr, the greatest General, IN A GENERALS JERSEY.

Now that I have seen this card I must own it, yet I know very little about it. I believe it is an ITG Heroes & Prospects card. I have checked ebay and have come up empty. If any of you guys have info on this card please let me know. As I said I must own this card.


  1. Oh man, bummer! You'll find it again, I didn't turn up anything helpful in a COMC search either...

  2. 1995/96 Parkhurst has an autographed Bobby Orr card pictured in his Oshawa uniform. Fairly certain they were hard signed and not stickered. Not sure if it's what you saw.