Tuesday, 19 March 2013

New Blog Resolutions

I noticed a bunch of blogs doing a New Years Resolution and really liked the idea. Seeing as how this blog in only a few hours old I figured I would have my own take on the post and do "New Blog Resolutions".

1 - MAKE THIS BLOG LOOK GOOD - As I mentioned above this blog is only hours old but my goal is to make this blog look good. The first step is a new banner. If anyone is good at making banners or has any good ideas for me please let me know.

2- COMPLETE ONE SET OF CARDS - I know this sounds very simple and obtainable but seeing as how I have been away from the hobby I need to remain focused. When I am at the local card shop I find myself buying a different pack every time because I am eager to see what each set that I have missed  looks like.  

3 - HELP A FELLOW BLOGGER COMPLETE A SET - This one is self explanatory. I would love to help someone out by giving them the one card they are missing. 

4 - DEVELOP  REGULAR BLOG POSTS & POST THEM ON TIME - I have a few really good ideas for regular weekly posts so keep your eyes peeled!

5 - OBTAIN CERTAIN CARDS FROM PLAYERS I AM COLLECTING.  Later I will post who I collect and why but here are the cards I want to knock off my list this year. (Note cards pictured aren't the exact ones I'm looking for)

- Brent Burns auto card (#'d to 100 or less)

- 30 Roenick Cards I don't have (one must be signed)

- Mike Brown Young Guns (ideally #'d)

Hopefully by December 31st I can say I successfully completed my first batch of resolutions.



  1. Good luck. I shoot for 5-6 each year but only ever end up with 1-2 completed and usually just start 10 more projects that I know I won't ever complete. That's why I love this hobby. It's eternal.

  2. I had an awful header on my blog for years until I read this article:


    Doesn't cost a thing and is pretty quick to do once you get the steps down. I've created dozens of them now and swap them out occasionally...

  3. What Roenick cards are you after? I picked up a random lot of base cards recently so have a bunch

  4. Hey Rob

    I am going to have to go my parents place and grab my Roenick collection. I know for a fact I don't have any from 2001 onwards.

  5. I probably do. I'll have a look and drop you a mail